We provide a unique experience

A full service with the industry knowledge and expertise to bring you transformation.

We aim to provide the right solution:

Digital Marketing
Social Media
Website Design
Corporate Branding
Offline Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Advertising Campaigns
Video Production
Mobile Apps
Event Marketing

Digital Marketing

We know how to combine the right messaging and creativity with relevant digital channels in order to drive informed traffic to your business.
We can help you develop the appropriate strategy for your industry or audience.
Our experts can handle it all and are plugged in 24/7 to the digital community ensuring we are always ahead and following the digital trends.

The key for Dreamer is ROI and integration of your strategy in the broader direction your company is heading. Everything that we do is measurable and reported.

Digital Strategy
SEO Strategy
Social Media
PPC Campaigns
Online Advertising
Campaigns Content Creation & Seeding
SEM Campaigns
Email Marketing Campaigns
Analytics & Reporting

Social Media

Social media is a global phenomenon and when used well it becomes a powerful way of providing consumers and brands with information, data, insight, emerging themes and trends. It is a natural and integrated part of the working life (B2B) and social communities (B2C) which makes it such an essential part of your business.

With social media experts in-house, our agency can define an appropriate integration with your digital marketing strategy for you to expand your online presence and generate quality leads.

Social Media Campaigns
Social Media Environment Analysis
Social Channel Growth
Content Creation & Scheduling
Community Management
Social PPC Campaigns
Social Media Crisis Management

Website Design

Our vision is to create visually stunning, technically advanced, mobile optimised websites. Our website team works hard to create bespoke platforms that help integrate social media, video, blog content and capture data. Creating more sales and driving social engagement.

All our websites are built to the latest web standards.


Our experts create the best user experience, working very closely with our clients needs in order to get the best website.

We genuinely believe an effective way of ensuring success is to study and profile typical users, contexts and their own interaction and engagement.

Mobile Responsive Web
UX User Experience Design
Mobile Optimisation
Custom Development Solutions

Corporate Branding

We work with our clients on a full rebrand process, in a fresh set of internal and external communications, as well as development of brand strategies.

In order to develop a brand that will achieve growth, all those involved in the brand need to understand it.

We deliver information to help employees understand the true values of the brand and the whole rebrand process to improve the company’s position and communications.

Rebranding & New Brand Development
Proposition, Position & Personality Development
Competitor Analysis
Logo Design & Collateral Development

Offline Marketing

Dreamer strategies look at the whole picture, integrating online and offline so they work together.

40% of online searchers make a purchase after being influenced by an offline channel.

We are certainly living in a digital age, but studies show we can’t ignore this traditional channel.

With all creative production services, design, copy-writing and photography, as well as offering a print management service, Dreamer can ensure that all printed material is cost-effective and has great stand-out.

Promotional Material
Direct Mail Campaigns
Heat Maps from CCTV


We have advertising experience from campaigns, outdoor to indoor projects and campaigns for both corporates and growing businesses.

Existing many platforms to use from online to print, we will choose those best suited to the brand along with the aims of the brief and ultimately deliver results to our clients.

Our online advertising campaigns can include everything from text-based adverts on search engine results pages, through to moving image banners.

Dreamer is experienced in all aspects of producing and delivering worldwide online advertising campaigns, and we also provide full translation and localisation services, using only native speakers in each region, of every country.

Campaign Concept Creation
Press & Outdoor Advertising
Social Advertising
Online Advertising
TV & Cinema campaigns
Media Planning


Dreamer can develop an entire video production capable of all things from pre to post production and that has a track record of creating videos that have ‘gone viral’.

We considered video viral when they reach 100,000 hits, having been shared online, typically through video sharing websites, blogs or social media and email.

Our team is full of ideas that will result in humorous, controversial and above all watchable videos, and also has the expertise to seed videos across the net, encouraging viral results.

Editing & Post Production
Scripting & Storyboarding
Viral Videos

Mobile Apps

Dreamer develops across all mobile platforms ensuring that the user interface, journey and experience is always spot on.

Our mobile applications sit on a customer’s mobile or tablet and can work independently of the Internet, there are virtually no limits to what is possible and it is a great way of building brand loyalty, offering great customer experience and accessibility, and we have skilled experts that comfortably develop across all mobile platforms.

Mobile Strategy
Multi-Platform App Development
Mobile Advertising Campaigns


Dreamer has worked extensively across all forms of event and management with our global team who have vast experience.

Our recent projects include TEDx Conferences, business events, sales events or even outdoor music.

We also manage and market a B2B event brand that stages business growth exhibitions and events across any country.

Full Service Event Marketing
Event Sales Systems
Event App Development
Event Video Production