The Corporate Social Responsibility, in its concept, tends by itself to involve a broad range of beneficiaries’ spectrum (stakeholders), then involving the quality of life and welfare of the workforce of the company itself, but also the reduction of negative impacts that may arise from its activity in the community and the environment. Most of the time these actions are accompanied by the adoption of behaviour change and management, which involves greater transparency, ethics and values in relation to its partners.

Dreamer soon realized that this was one of its missions, and invested not only in improving the quality of life of its employees but also the concern of environmental sustainability of all its developed projects.

Its partners and suppliers are certified, distinguished in their different areas. The agency sought to go further and decided to support customers and partners, from environment to culture, sport or industry, always with a logic of helping to leverage their project in a pro bono way, as we understood that this was an effective, necessary and important contribution to their sustainability.

The importance of these actions to benefit the community are increasingly taking into account the challenges we all face today, an increasingly competitive society.