Dreamer Agency supports Agueda’s Animals Friends Association

Dreamer Agency supports Agueda’s Animals Friends Association

The Municipality of Agueda was hit by major fires in its history, living dramatic moments when the flames had put lives in danger, beyond the massive destruction caused.

During one of the most dramatic dawns, it was necessary to evacuate nearly 200 dogs from the shelter of the Agueda’s Animals Friends Association and because of the urgency of this operation, Dreamer Agency decided to help in spreading the evacuation by launching an ad on the social media network facebook in order to quickly people could be aware and help receiving the animals.

The range achieved by this appeal was huge, also helping giving further visibility to the Association, strengthening its ties with the community and giving it to know to many people as possible.

Despite the late hour, the difficulties caused by the darkness and the current access to the shelter, with the help of several volunteers, the evacuation was a success, putting the animals in safe places and homes, causing a great satisfaction for all and also a sense of accomplishment.

Dreamer Agency believes since the beginning in the importance of social responsibility, that’s wahy is always available to make its contribution, helping to build a better world.